Thank you “script”

©ali shahbazi 2019

A woman in her late 20’s, with a kind face, a messy hair and a smile on her face, is making breakfast in the kitchen. 1980’s TV news can be heard off-screen.

Holding a piece of toast in one hand and a remote control in the other, she enters the living room and turns up the TV. She walks past a dead body lying on the ground which has several stab wounds on its neck.

Wearing very dark sunglasses, the woman walks out of the house, gets in her car and starts driving. After a while she notices a group of people on the side of the street sitting on chairs around a person on the ground. He is bleeding and shaking, after having a bike accident, however, the people are not concerned, they are looking on in enjoyment like a crowd watching a spectacle or a piece of art. Some are clapping and others are taking photos.

The woman in car pulls over and gets out, she takes a selfie on her phone and writes the comment, “made my day!” She gets back in the car and looks at the mirror with a smile and deep breath closing her eyes.

The woman returns home from work and notices a man hiding behind the kitchen wall. Although she sees him she acts like she didn’t and smiles in excitement. She sits on the couch and takes out a notebook and pen to start writing. The man comes up behind her and chokes her. She falls on the floor and the camera tilts down to reveal what had written which is “THANK YOU”.

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